Milano, Italy

2015, video, 2'34"

A city on two levels: above, the new, tall, beautiful, expensive (and mostly empty) buildings designed by architects and investors; below, commuters, people, daily life.



2015, video HD, 2'24"

A collaboration with Francesco Zago

Original music Tommaso Fiori


A Tribute to the People

2015, video HD, 30"

My answer to the international Self-Imaging call asking artists to put their faces into a declaration for peace and goodwill.

-Cologne OFF 2016


& Mentors

2015, video HD, 3'

Many people, past and present, writers and artists, childhood friends and lovers, inspired and taught me, often without even knowing. They made me who I am. Here are some, by no means all of them. Thank you.


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2015, 2016 Carla Della Beffa