2007, videoinstallation 5'13"

A spiritual path on three screens (detail).
Music: 3 "Haiku" by Stéphane Scott.


2007, video 2'42"

Who invented spaghetti? Italians or Chinese?
-CologneOFF IV OFF


Tea Rose

2008, video, 2'40"

The dance of sugar and roses in a relaxing herbal tea.
Music: "Berceuse" (Lullaby) by Fauré, played by Claudio Colombo.


2008, video 6'

Naming food and eating it.
Text by François Rabelais.

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Autour de Gargantua

2008, documentary, 52'

Learning about Rabelais - and many more things - and filming the full experience.
A year-long, interdisciplinary arts project.


Lire Gargantua

2008, documentary, 20'

The author and her class: the work of learning to read Rabelais's Quart Livre, chapters 59 and 60.


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