2007, video 2'20"

Two daily rituals with very deep roots. Bread and wine are one fundamental link between different cultures.
-10 Premio nazionale Città di Novara,(IT) best video award


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2007, video 2'30"

The places where we live are basically all the same and yet very different.



2007, video, 2'40"

Travelling on a train: a videoinstallation on two screens(detail).


2006, video 1'20" loop

There always are obsessive moments of wondering why and how a love story came to an end.


2007, video 42"

Women have their ways to avenge themselves.


2007, video, 39"

It takes courage to give oneself a birthday party when you are alone. Much better than being sad, anyway.
-2008 One Minute Film & Videofestival Aarau


2007, video 56"

All kinds of fruit were allowed, only one was forbidden. God was quite disappointed.


2007, video 43"

Homage to Kubrick. And, ironically, to Nabokov's Humbert Humbert.
-CologneOFF 5th edition - Taboo? Taboo! - curator Agricola de Cologne (DE)



2007, video, 52"

A woman priest? What a heresy!

L'amour, toujours

2007, video 1'37"

Love comes and goes. That's all.

The Secret Life
of Women

2007, video, 3'27"

Women talk. Apparently they have no secrets. But try and listen to their silence...

Fratelli d'Italia

2007, video 1'44"

Italians have brothers and sisters everywhere, all talking with their hands.
-CologneOFF IV LAB - curator Agricola de Cologne (DE)


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