Ovest (West)
2002, video, 2'15"

Time and space are conventions, as are east and west: the sun sets in the same place only twice a year (equinox). Its cyclic journey designs the unsuspectedly wide angles and curves I observed for almost one year in the sky above Paris.

excerpt 20"

Elementi di cucina italiana
(Elements of Italian Cuisine)
2002, video, 3'18"

Espresso and cappuccino, spaghetti and pizza: Italy's cuisine interpreted by those who cook and eat it. The sounds and words of Italian language and culture silently comment the images.

excerpt 18"

Aprile è il più crudele dei mesi (April is the cruellest month)
2001, video, 60"

Spring? When we dream of it, it's wonderful. But when it actually comes it's not so easy to live. Just like love…

video 60"

Tre litri circa (Three liters approx.)
2000-2002, video, 1'20"

Wishing to disappear, feeling both the killer and the victim. Music by Francesco Zago.


Miracoli del verde (Green Miracles)
2002, video, 3'"

Spring filmed from a window: the chronicle of greenery exploding day after day.

2002, docu-fiction, 5'30"

The photo album of a holiday in Paris, complete with summer flirt, monuments, street music.


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