Svelare l'economia
(Unveiling Economy)

2016, video, HD 16:9, stereo, 1'20"

2016, video HD, stereo, 1'20"

translation (instead of subtitles)

I focus on economy since when I got angry with finance. Then I understood that economy is my concern, that it concerns everybody. So I started studying, and seeing economy in everything I do and see. Take this bottle, for instance. Two different kinds of plastic, water, label, print, glue, etc.

Or take my backyard, instead, where I see houses and consequently people (they are hidden, but they are there), and jobs, and the sky, which is nature, but... What is really natural today?

Everything is a network of relationships, especially economic ones: a grid of economic connections. Like meridians and parallels, and like them, invisible. But economy is the action, the production of the things that we use: water, couch, book... That's all, you know.


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